Embracing Change in the Workplace

Businesses constantly seek ways to change, adapt, and improve in our highly competitive world.

Whether trying to increase revenue, profitability, turnover rate, productivity, or several other company goals, change is inevitable.

While some individuals thrive on the challenges associated with change, others may dread it.

As with any other aspect of business, you are better off keeping your emotions in check when dealing with change.

Here are some tips to help you overcome any anxiety or negative emotions that you might feel with the anticipation of change.

When presented with change, have a positive attitude

It’s common to feel anxious or worried about an upcoming change in the workplace. But chances are that several talented individuals in the organization have done their homework before introducing the change. This change is likely needed to stay competitive, and it will benefit the company in the long run.

As the company begins implementing the change, start thinking about ways to support this positively.

Show enthusiasm and willingness when discussing the change, and be engaged.

Seek to understand the change and what the goals are

As you and your peers continue discussing the ongoing change, intently listen as you outline the new processes. Engage in ideating and offering suggestions.

Be sure to ask questions to ensure clarity, especially regarding your role. Learn how the new direction will impact interdepartmental processes that may affect you and how your role may affect others.

Seek to understand both the measurables that will determine success and the long-term benefits of the change.

Stay focused and aware during the implementation process

As plans for the change becomes more finalized, continue to ask questions and communicate often. Ensure that you and your peers are on the same page through every step of the implementation process.

Document opportunities and suggest alternative solutions when needed. Be sure to prioritize the tasks you are responsible for, and remember that your coworkers rely on you to complete these tasks.

Lastly, and most importantly, celebrate successes, big or small, throughout each day. You and your team are all in this together. Take the time to recognize your growth and use any success as inspiration to continue to grow together.

In today’s fast-paced work environment, change is a certainty. It is then up to you how you want to handle it.

Here is to another great year at Penmarc Inspired Spaces, one that’s filled with positive change and growth!

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