What We Are Made Of

At the core of every successful business is a singular purpose; the driving force behind everything you do. Without identifying that purpose, or “why,” a company is devoid of its foundation. And as a result, it will never achieve its full potential. As a member of the Rosewood Family of Companies, ProVantage was built with […]

Welcome to Rosewood Academy

Whether you’re looking to advance your career or simply expand your knowledge, education is an indispensable tool. Unfortunately, many people lack access to the educational resources necessary to achieve their goals. That’s why Rosewood created Rosewood Academy; to provide the opportunities people need to improve their lives. In doing so, we multiply our blessings by […]

7 Ways to Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls

We’ve all been told at one point or another, “Your health is everything.” But if we’re honest, most of us shrug it off as an overzealous warning to stay in shape. The fact of the matter is, your health truly is everything. That’s why Penmarc Inspired Spaces places a premium on safety in the workplace; to preserve […]

5 Simple Habits Every Installer Should Practice

Even the most talented individuals, including the greatest golfer of all time, have room for improvement. That’s what keeps their lives interesting; the ability to get better every day. But the idea of constantly honing your craft isn’t limited to extraordinary athletes. Everyone has the ability to enhance their skills on a daily basis, including […]

The Balancing Act

At Penmarc Inspired Spaces, superior craftsmanship is the name of the game. But a job well done requires more than just masterful handywork; installers must learn to strike a balance between their craft and time-sensitive projects. After all, punctuality is critical in the business of customer service. Unfortunately, achieving this perfect harmony between efficacy and […]

Opportunity Awaits

Are you a craftsman in search of a new challenge? A handyman in pursuit of a new gig? A carpenter hoping to earn your stripes? Look no further. Penmarc Inspired Spaces is dedicated to finding and developing the country’s most elite talent. Whether you’re a veteran woodworker or a dedicated up-and-comer, we’ll invest in your […]

First Day on the Job?

Welcome to the team! We’re excited about your first day on the job. Starting a new job can be a nerve-racking experience, especially when there are plenty of unknowns surrounding your position. That’s why we put this list of tips together to help you prepare. We want you to start your first day with confidence, […]

The Inspired Life

Grace Through Generosity is one of our core values here at Penmarc Inspired Spaces. Everyday, we live out this belief by striving to impact our employees and the greater community through servant leadership and selfless giving. In a year that has affected us all in many ways, our team sought opportunities to show their grace […]

Over 94 Toys Were Donated by Penmarc Employees

Elmer Flores, Payable Specialist and former Marine, came to us with the desire for Penmarc and the rest of the companies within the Rosewood Family of Companies to collect toys for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation this holiday season. Antonio Lugo, Sr. Marketing Specialist aided Elmer in this initiative. Toy collection boxes were placed […]